Promoting Self-Sufficiency

What makes this model most unique is the no-cost self-sufficiency training and social services that are easily accessible the neighborhoods where the families live. Provisions of these services, such as financial training and health and wellness programs, allows our families to become self-sufficient and learn skills and necessary tools to move out of the endless cycle of poverty housing and into the middle class.

Required Classes

Planning a Budget

Saving for Future

Managing Credit

Debt Management

Online Financial Training


Home Repair

Therapeutic Art

Understanding Insurance

First-time Homebuyer

Measureable outcomes for city census

Optional Classes

Teen Money Management

Dental Screening

Obesity & Nutrition

Computer Training

Funding/Grants for College

Safety in the Homes-Poisons

Safety in the Home-Environment

Neighborhood Watch

Certified Emergency Response-Fire

Department Training

Disaster Preparedness



ESL (10 day course)

Employee Training/Skills