Our mission is to build resiliency, economic growth, neighborhoods, and homes for veteran families.

Enriched Neighborhoods®

The Enriched Neighborhood® model provides permanent housing in a neighborhood context that focuses on moving low-income families up into the middle class through specifically designed services for veterans and their families.

Low-income civilian and veteran families are given an opportunity to purchase a home with a low-interest mortgage, and resale restrictions, keeping the home in the affordable housing market for a fixed number of years while allowing for modest equity growth for the family.

What makes this model most unique is the no-cost self-sufficiency training and social services such as financial training and health and safety information, which allow our families to become self-sufficient and learn skills and necessary tools to move out of the endless cycle of poverty housing and into the middle class. Although the numerous programs offered to the participants are exciting, what really counts are the results they produce. Enriched Neighborhoods® have seen outstanding results such as 99.9% High School Graduation Rates, and <1% foreclosures.

Homes 4 Families is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization serving low-income families with affordable homeownership and wrap-around services through the Enriched Neighborhood® model program. Homes 4 Families partners with non-profits, government entities, and corporations to bring the outcome-proven Enriched Neighborhood® model to communities.