Meet a Military Family continuing to provide support during COVID-19

You have met Ernesto, Jorge, Stephanie, and Selena – veterans and military spouses who are working the front lines and providing support against the COVID-19 fight. Today, let’s see what the Siggins family is up to.

Meet the Siggins Family

Alex and Desiree were one of the first families to move into our Santa Clarita Veteran Enriched Neighborhood® in 2015.

Alex, who is an Army veteran, works full-time as a phlebotomist and medical assistant. He is also currently going to school for a second degree, and will be attending the registered nursing program next spring.

As if that wasn’t a busy enough workload, Alex and Desiree have 5 kids who are all homeschooling during the Safer at Home orders. These five at-home learners cover each schooling level between Transitional Kindergarten through High school!

Lucky for them, Desiree knows a bit about teaching. She is a third-grade teacher at Mint Canyon Elementary in

the Santa Clarita Valley, currently teaching online distance learning to her 3rd grade class while overseeing her five children’s distance learning education! Online teaching is more than a full-time job, Desiree says. “It is so much different from classroom learning. Many students need help on the weekends or late in the evening during the week. I work with my families to help support their child while working around parent work schedules.”

Desiree goes above and beyond working to help her students learn and also works to keep them engaged and social during this unprecedented crisis. Her virtual classroom reads stories together, does online quizzes, and she makes sure to save time to share good news, show off our pets and share any arts and crafts projects. She keeps her class and her own children active with indoor PE activities, and next week, she has even planned a virtual field trip of Placerita Nature Center.

Here she is last Friday celebrating school spirit day from home. Roadrunner Pride!

Alex and Desiree are just two of the thousands of veterans and military family members who are continuing to work essential jobs during the COVID-19 crisis.

Thanks to very generous donors like yourself, the Siggins family has a 4-bedroom home with an affordable mortgage and they live in a community of veterans who support each other.

Today, we celebrate #GivingTuesdayNow, a global day of unity to respond to the unprecedented need caused by COVID-19.

Your help is needed to build homes so others can receive the same opportunity as Alex and Desiree. There are low-Income veterans RIGHT NOW that are at the brink of homelessness or living in severely substandard conditions. Or you can choose to support families like theirs with basic needs and access to resources. These families all have stable and affordable housing, but are not immune to job loss and increased costs during this crisis.

Please help deserving families like them achieve the same goals of homeownership, stability, and safety by donating today.