Annual Enriched Neighborhood Holiday Party For Veterans

By December 16, 2018 Foundation Giving
On Saturday, December 15, 2018, Homes4Families held their Annual Enriched Neighborhood Holiday Party for Veterans and Their Families. Many thanks to the members of our Veteran Mentorship Program who connected us with the Santa Clarita Elks toy drive and brought Santa to our party! We received so many toys this year from them and the Professionals in Human Resources Board (PIHRA) that we were able to do something extra special for our families.
Not only will we be able to give all of the children presents at our Holiday Party but we were able to make many of our veteran homeowners holidays a little brighter by having them come pick out toys to put under their tree.
All of our families have many responsibilities and sometimes toys cannot be a priority. The quantities of donated toys this year allowed us to help people like the Miller Family. Both parents served in the military and after Mrs. Miller had a battle with breast cancer they got the news this year that the had cancer has spread to her brain, bones, and lungs.  With all of their medical bills they were not going to be able to put any presents under the tree this year, but thanks to this donation there were able to provide presents for their family.
Another veteran family that came to pick up toys said that they were focusing on only things they absolutely need this year and because they have a large blended family they were not able to buy something for all their children, so they were going to have to skip present giving this year. Since we received so many toys, each child in their family will be able to open two presents!
We are so grateful for the holiday season and the generous spirit of everyone who gives. Our families are teaching their children the importance of giving back and each and every one of them understands the impact it has had on their lives. They will forever remember the generosity of others as they grow up and pay it forward with the help of their family, their community, and the generous people who give back to those who have served.