Please take a minute to read this letter from Steve Anderson, a U.S. Army Veteran who served from 1967-1969. I was so inspired by his story and would like to share how your donations have helped people like Steve.

Like many men and women who bravely served in combat, Steve returned to civilian life feeling lost and angry. He went on for many years, as he puts it, not caring about anything. After getting help for his PTSD, Steve got his life back on track, got married, and had two sons.

Unfortunately, in July 2018 after 33 years renting the same house, Steve’s landlord sold the house, and told him that he, his wife, and his two middle schoolers would need to move out in a month!

That’s when Steve turned to Homes 4 Families for help. Because of your past support, and support from other generous individuals like you, a community for low-income veterans was being built.

Less than 16 months after writing the letter that’s enclosed here, Steve moved into his brand new home in the Santa Clarita Veteran Enriched Neighborhood. Steve now pays a modest mortgage, owns a home, lives among his brothers and sisters in arms, and will not have to face the fear of eviction or his rent being raised.

We are asking for your help this holiday season to support veterans just like Steve receive the same opportunity. There are veterans right now in your community who are just one missed paycheck, one medical emergency, or one raised rent away from becoming homeless. Your support today will help these U.S. Military Veterans and their families receive critical services and safe and stable housing.


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