Wells Fargo

Thank you to the Wells Fargo Housing Foundation for their second year of support of Homes 4 Families’ Enriched Neighborhood® for veterans! Their contribution will help provide low-income military families with necessary homeownership education and counseling as they move into Homes 4 Families’ Veteran Enriched Neighborhood® affordable homeownership program. With this funding, we will be able to continue to provide credit, debt, and budget counseling and homeownership education to our veterans and military families. These services are essential to the long-term success of our families and their ultimate ability to move up into the middle class.

Their generous support will contribute to our program’s already proven success in raising credit scores and income, as well as the childrens’ high school graduation and college/university attendance rates. Thank you again to the Wells Fargo Housing Foundation for supporting our military families!

For more information on our current projects, click here. For more information on how we help veterans achieve self-sufficiency, please click here