Habitat for Humanity SF/SCV would like to thank Deputy Kevin Duxbury with Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department for volunteering his personal time to offer Keeping Your Kids Safe: A Workshop on Gun Safety in the Home. The event was held at Habitat for Humanity’s My TIME ® Center on Tuesday October 27, 2015.

Deputy Duxbury centered the workshop on safety of children and the whole family when pertaining to firearms. He came prepared with knowledge and exhibits of firearms and safety devices.

Some of the specific points he addressed were:

  • Best approach in talking to kids regarding gun safety.
  • What should you tell your child to do if he/she comes across a gun?
  • Proper storage of guns and ammunition for safety of children and family.
  • What is a gun locking device?
  • Why guns should not be kept loaded.
  • What is a good firearm for home protection?
  • Best and safest practice for cleaning firearms?
  • Being gun safe while depression is in the household.

Deputy Duxbury stated “as gun owners with children, it is not only imperative that we talk to our children about firearms safety, but it is our duty and responsibility as parents.”

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