A Landmark Event for Habitats Everywhere!

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Our first-of-its kind 61 home Enriched Habitat Neighborhood® is almost complete! On June 18th, 14 families received the keys to their homes in Phase III of the landmark Pierce Street Villas project. There are now just 10 homes remaining and we are working to finish them by the Fall.

One of the largest Habitat builds in the nation, and the only one to offer on-site education and self-sufficiency training, this unique community has demonstrated the benefits of affordable housing for its occupants and the neighborhood at large.

Not only do Habitat families thrive, with significantly higher graduation rates (99-100%) and 0% foreclosure rates, but they GIVE BACK. Twenty-seven Pierce Street families are already LAFD CERT (Certified Emergency Response Team) trained and fourteen more are signed up to begin training on July 12th. Everyone should be so lucky as to have 41 certified first responders in their neighborhood in case of emergency!

Included in the June 18th move-in were such honorable citizens as a recent veteran of the war on terror, an honor student and member of LA’s Young Senators who was previously living with her parents and two siblings in a garage, and many more.

“We do more than build houses, we build communities,” says Wayne Colmer, the affiliate’s Chairman of the Board. “Our residents work alongside a diverse group of volunteers, from college students to retired professionals, who want to help working families have a safe place to live and bring ‘pride of ownership’ to our city and county.”

All fourteen families are proud to be Habitat Self-Help Homeowners, they are proud to have received a hand up, not a hand out, and to be participating working members of the American Dream!

If you work hard, but your income is low, if you have a family to raise and are ready and willing to help build, IT IS TIME TO APPLY FOR A HOME!!

Home ownership at 0% interest for 1st time homebuyers

A family of 4 will qualify at lowest income level: $42,700 to highest: $51, 240.

Our goal is to help your family build brighter futures starting now! No one pays more than 30% of their monthly income for the total monthly costs of their mortgage, their homeowners’ taxes, their insurance, and their homeowners’ association dues.

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